Saturday, August 8, 2009

Plan B

There are times when Plan B is really Plan A. It's just that my Plan A is not always God's. Take this weekend for example. I was supposed to do a craft show. Things happened, and we decided I shouldn't do it. We have a family friend spending the night. Her little brother was just diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I signed up to do a marathon for Team in Training on Monday, he got the diagnosis on Tuesday and started Chemo on Wednesday.

Now, she is spending the night with us, relaxing and de-stressing. The show I was supposed to be in? Well, it poured all day today. It would have been canceled due to rain anyway, and I would have lost inventory, time and sales. I've been able to test a few new recipes, which I will post on my other blog. More than that, we were able to minister to a teenager dealing with a serious illness in the family. See, my plan A wasn't the important one. God's plan A was so much better.

I'm heading to bed soon. I want to get up and make pancakes for breakfast tomorrow for John and the girls. Maybe I'll get pictures of those BEFORE they eat them all. lol

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