Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

So, this is going to be another short entry. My menu for the week, and my to do list for today. I'll report back tomorrow and see how I'm doing with it.

Menu for the week:

Tonight - sweet potato burritos and salad
Tomorrow - leftovers (the burrito recipe makes a boatload and it's just John and me until Sunday night)
Saturday - grilled veggie salad
Sunday - Easter dinner - take spinach salad and cake
Monday - Oriental Chicken Salad
Tuesday - Pot pie
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - Fried Rice

And here's the to do list. I'm going to just try to get the most done that I can. After all, I have no kids at home until Sunday, and it's time to bust it out! I got my planner done yesterday, except the addresses. So, I have all the dates in there that I have obligations. I have a couple more to add, as I set them up. If I get time today, I'll come back and tell you about the goings on. Big surprises there for everyone.

To do -
Grocery list and shopping
30 min on the Wii Fit
Finish my Eventlister stuff (can't give details yet)
Find a vet for the puppy. I'm so not doing the whole going into heat thing.
Craig's list (can't give details yet)
Finish scheduling the meetings (are you tired of me saying I can't give details yet? lol)
Start eggplant and pepper seeds
Make 5 calls to businesses about wholesale
Finish production schedule
Do today's production
Finish packaging SCM stuff
Bible Study
Run off next week's chore schedules
Email rest of soccer parents about Snack Shack schedule
Letter to 5th Grade parents about carnival
Ask John to figure out how to get emails going through Outlook so they are all in one place
Check back with Project F.A.R.M. and 5 Minute Moms about emails sent week before last

I actually have about 50 more things on my to do list, but I'll spread that out over the next few days. Some of this stuff takes 5 minutes, some will take more. But, I want to get as much of it done as possible. I can't afford not to. If I don't get myself, my house, and my business together, I'm going to just lose it! lol Seriously, I know what God wants me to do, and I can't with the disorganization and malaise in my life. Plus, if I don't get sales up for the biz, I'm going to have to get a job. That will affect so many different things I'm involved with that it would really pull me out of God's will for the work I'm doing at school, and the other stuff we have planned.

Talk to you all later! Have a great day. I'll try to get back today if I have the time.

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