Friday, April 3, 2009

What a day!

Yesterday was report card day and conferences with the children's teachers. They are both on the honor roll! YEAH! And then conferences hit. I knew that my disorganization was affecting the kids, but Michael is extremely disorganized also. So, we're going to work on that together. Katelyn is doing much better with getting work in, but we have to work on her testing. She's still hiding things from us, bad grades and so forth. I'm not sure how to change that. We've told her that if she's having trouble, we'll help her and she won't be punished. Yet she still hides things. We'll keep working on it with her. Both children have projects to work on this spring break for school.

I have a rant though. I met with the principal today about several things. I volunteered for yet another thing. When will I add the word 'NO!' to my vocabulary? lol Seriously, I don't mind. I'm organizing the Snack Shack for home games. I can do that no problem. While we were there, we discussed cell phones in school. Now, Katelyn was caught (by us) getting text messages during school time. One even had test answers. I know Katelyn wasn't cheating, at least that time. She had been home sick for the past few days and wasn't in school that day. Since she was deleting her history on the phone, we had no way to see what else was going on. She is not allowed to delete that anymore. She also no longer takes her phone to school. Her friends at school were still sending text messages, so I had her tell them we had her phone and would be turning them into school if they kept it up. Katelyn lost her cell phone for two weeks, and now must leave it at home where we can see it during school hours and at bedtime. I spoke with the principal about this, and I was floored.

We spend a lot of money to send Katelyn and Michael to a private Christian school. Parents and students sign a statement of faith and agree to uphold the rules. Of course, since the school has a no cell phone policy, I thought that it was a few kids trying to skirt the rules. We're talking high schoolers here. Evidently, not only is it a widespread problem, but some parents openly flaunt the rules. Students are allowed to have cell phones turned off in their lockers. It's not happening. They are taking them to class and texting. Some students' parents are the ones sending them text messages throughout the day! Have they lost their minds?! When we found out about Katelyn getting text messages, we took the phone away and made sure it wouldn't happen again. We'd never text or call her during class. We value our integrity, her education, and our money to much to waste any of them by doing such a bonehead thing. Some parents are upset that the school is upholding their rules and punishing students who get caught. I just don't get it. The school has really been struggling with this, and has decided to send a letter home to the parents. I just hope that it does some good.

Things are moving along with our lives. There are so many plans in the works, and I love it all! I'll be back to post more later on today. I have to get some stuff done now and the kids only have a half day. Then, we have appointments and Katelyn has a game. So, until later! Be blessed. I'll let you know what we're doing for family devotion this weekend, and update you on a few things. God is good!

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  1. Yep our christian school has the same problem. Our highschoolers just openly defy the rules and believe it or not some of the parents act like its no big deal!