Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Goals for 2010

Hello! How are you all doing? Me, well, we've had an interesting end of the year. We've had flu, allergic reactions, and all sorts of stuff going on. I decided around the beginning of December that I needed to just regroup and concentrate on family for a bit. I picked January 1 to be my reemergence from my self-imposed exile. So, here I am. I'd like to be able to commit to posting every day on my blogs. But, honestly, my schedule is truly packed all ready. We'll see how that works out. We are now a two sport family. Katelyn has cheerleading and Michael is on the basketball team. Practices are at two different times in two different locations. I'll be living in the car most afternoons. So, what's a girl to do? I'm planning my days around this time in the car so I can use that time to read and do Bible study. Hopefully, I'll be able to use that time to work on some of my other goals for the year. Notice I say goals, and not resolutions. I think goals are much more attainable and quantifiable than just some vague resolutions.

Here are my goals for the year. I've broken them down into the 7 areas of life that we all have. I also have a couple unnamed goals, that I cannot share until I have actually started them.

Spiritual Goals:
1. Read through the Bible in 90 days
2. Consistant Bible study, either through books or tape series
3. Prayer every day, and not just when something is going wrong.
4. Be more open about my faith and share
5. Church every Sunday (we're looking for a church home right now)
6. Write that books God's put on my heart - I can't give details yet. This is one of the unnamed goals (what they are about and all that).

Physical Goals:
1. Lose weight! Have a healthy BMI of 20-22
2. Follow THM eating plan. No dairy, no red meat, no processed sugar, just whole healthy foods. For more information, visit
3. Exercise 5 times a week
4. Complete a marathon
5. Get asthma back under control without any of the icky meds that make me sick in other ways.
6. Look more feminine. The whole jeans and t-shirts thing is getting tired. I want my hubby to look at me and say WOW!
7. Get my Hidradenitis Suppurativa under control and help spread word and knowledge about this rare and painful disease.

Family & Home Goals:
1. Make sure my husband knows how much I love and value him. He is a hard working incredible man of God. Plus, he puts up with my craziness and makes me laugh. lol This includes date nights, fixing meals he likes and are healthy for him, and lots of other little things.
2. Be a good parent to my children. Not a friend, but a parent. Be there for them, support them, make sure they are growing in their faith and will grow up to be Godly adults. Use chore lists, family nights, model the behavior I would like them to follow...
3. Keep the house straight all the time
4. Family dinner every night Sunday - Thursday.
5. Decide about redecorating and get moving
6. Keep in touch with my extended family and friends better. Not just emails, but letters and phone calls too.

Business Goals:
1. Get a job to meet some short term goals we have right now.
2. Continue to grow my business
3. Keep track of every penny spent
4. Revise business plan
5. Revise website
6. Work more with the organizations I belong to.

Friendship Goals:
1. Become more involved with church women's groups.
2. Keep in better touch with my friends and spend time with them.
3. Host teas at my house from time to time.

Mental Goals:
1. Read through classics and not just Jane Austin over and over (yes, I love her work!)
2. The unnamed goal. I promise, I will share later. I've been dreaming about it and God has given me a way to start working on this goal soon.
3. Work on organization. Use my planner and Blackberry to keep up my efforts.

Ministry Goals:
1. There is a group I know that I'm supposed to be involved in. I need to get working on doing so.
2. Being more involved in church fits in here as well. But also, involvement with non-Christian charities is important.
3. Blogging more consistently. I'll share more about this later, once I work out all the details.

I think that's enough for now, don't you? I pray everyone has a great night. I'm going to be starting my reading through the Bible in 90 Days challenge tonight. I couldn't find the Bible at my local store, so I will do the reading in my own Bible with the schedule. Today is Genesis 1-16. I'm going to order the Bible online though. I just can't wait! I know that there are many people doing a challenge with this starting today. I'll have to link up with them, maybe tomorrow. May I just say I love my Bible reading?! I can't wait to see what fruit a concentrated reading like this will bear.


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