Sunday, January 3, 2010

What a busy day!

We're finishing up the downstairs area from all the flood damage. The floors are being done, and we just have the walls to finish. John is still working on the floors this late at night, and I'll be running to the store tomorrow for more supplies. But, it looks great and he is working so hard! I've been busy working on the upstairs. I have to reorganize just about everything. I need to set up our spaces to work for us. They haven't been, and stay messy. So, it's time to organize, purge, and clean.

Today's reading for the Bible in 90 Days is Genesis 17-28. This is already so much fun! I love reading about the geneology of our faith. Imagine, the people I'm reading about right now are in the bloodline of Christ, and all of us! Have you ever stopped to realize that? Yes, you can claim direct lines to Noah and Adam. I think that's so cool. Imagine that family tree!

Well, it's short and sweet today. It's already past midnight and I'm very tired. I need to sleep. I've battled insomnia a lot lately and am thankful for fatigue tonight. I need the sleep. So many people I know have had sleep issues lately. I don't know what's going on with that, but we are all very very tired people! lol

Night all!

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