Friday, January 8, 2010

Why I love Sprint Customer Service, or How I killed another car

Yep, you read it here. I killed another one. Actually, I think I've had this car the longest out of all of them. This happened a couple weeks ago, but I need to say thanks to Sprint Customer Service. So, here's what happened.

Before we left to visit my parents, my cell phone broke and my old one was turned on for a few days while the replacement was shipped. We came back from visiting my parents in another state for Christmas, and I had a ton of driving to get done. The day after we came back, my husband picked up the cell phone while I ran around doing errands. I kid you not. It was during the two hours between the time he picked up the phone and I got home to get it from him that the car died. Really. My old cell phone had been turned off when John picked up the replacement one for all of two hours! THAT'S when my car died. It was only a mile and a half from the house, on the exit ramp from the highway. But, the windchill was subzero, and my asthma is triggered my extreme cold. I knew there was no way I could walk the way and still breathe.

I still had the old, now disconnected, cell phone on me. The only number I could dial was customer service for Sprint. The gentleman who answered my call dialed my husband's phone (he didn't hear it over his video game) and my mother's phone (she was out and didn't hear it ring) trying to let them know what happened. Neither one picked up. This gentleman stayed on the phone with me for 20 minutes while I tried to reach someone, anyone, to come help me. Finally, a woman stopped and gave me a ride home. I didn't know her but she was really sent from God. So was the Sprint operator. I regret I can't remember the name of the Sprint operator that helped me. I was so stressed out and upset. But thank you Sprint operator man!

Now, for those who know me, I killed my car this time by having a belt snap. So totally not my fault, but given my record, I'm still getting blamed. Eh, even I agree some of it is valid. I didn't think a broken belt could hurt the engine that much. But there are these things called impact (or something like that) engines and they tend to bend pistons or break them or do something really really bad when the belts break. Bottom line, it's dead. I'm driving the big gas guzzling truck. It's a blessing to have a running vehicle, but I drive a lot. We're hoping we can find someone to fix the car without costing an arm and a leg. I've also started looking for a job. But that's a post for another time.

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