Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Menu Monday - 1/19/2009

Sorry this is a day late. Life is crazy. Katelyn has four games this week and a practice. I am not happy about it. John and I have already said that if the coaches call another practice on a game day, then Katelyn can't do both. She won't be home until after 10pm.

We're on a mission to completely revamp and organize our home this week. That's our first step for the $3000 challenge. You can't get rid of stuff until you know what you have.

*****Breaking News - I am watching the inauguration while typing this out. May I say that Rick Warren knocked it out the park! He made sure there was no doubt that he was praying in the name of Jesus. He said it in several different ways, just to be sure we got the message. When they release a transcript of the prayer, I'll post it here.*****

Our week's menu started yesterday with spaghetti. I make the sauce from scratch, since I'm allergic to onions. I've also suspected that my allergy is getting worse, and is going to other onion related seasonings. Last night, I added garlic to the list. I had the same symptoms with garlic that I have with onions. They are in the same family, so it makes sense. I love garlic! Oh well. I don't love it enough to get sick again. Garlic had bothered me some before, but I thought I had a little more time before I had to stop eating it.

Here's the menu -

Monday - homemade spaghetti sauce over linguine
Tuesday - Turkey patties and steamed veggies
Wednesday - Turkey and rice soup, homemade foccacia
Thursday - Fried rice and veggie won tons
Friday - leftovers if Michael goes to his father's. If not, then wraps
Saturday - wraps (rice, grilled veggies, and sauce)
Sunday - chicken and veggies

Also this weekend, I'm working on testing some recipes that I want to enter in a cooking contest.

That's about it for the light stuff of today's posts. I have a few more posts that I am going to put up. I have a few things I know that I need to say. I apologize ahead of time if I am not PC or kind and gentle about it. I have this fire burning in me that I have to pay attention to. God has put some messages on my heart that I need to share.

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