Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Menu Monday - 1/26/2009

Again, a day late. ARGH! I planned on posting last night, but just didn't. No excuses. Just started messing around with stuff and never did it. So, here goes.

Monday - Fried Rice with quinoa
Tuesday - Leftovers
Wednesday - Pancakes
Thursday - Pot Pie (with a smaller all veggie one for me)
Friday - Probably chili, since I'll be making a bunch of it for the party
Saturday - Mom's in town, so we'll be going out to dinner
Sunday - PARTY! I'll be doing three kinds of chili (or two and a vegan lasagna), stuffed mushrooms (recipe from Marilu Henner's Healthy Life Kitchen, and a HUGE hit in this house), salad, and desserts (including two birthday cakes)

Yep, we are having a birthday party for John and Katelyn. It will probably only go through half time for the game. The kids have school. But, you never know. It may last the whole game, and we'll have some tired kiddos for school the next day. Wednesday's dinner may change, if there's a snow day. I'll do waffles for breakfast if there is, so dinner will probably be soup or something like that. I'll start the chili on Friday, and finish them up on Saturday. Chili always tastes better if you let it sit for a day so the flavors can meld. I'll actually use onions and garlic in two of the three, since I won't be able to eat them. I've heard that using fennel adds some depth of taste to replace onions and garlic, so I'll be trying that in whatever vegan/vegetarian option I make.

I've stopped eating meat for a while. My stomach can't handle it right now. I had a little jaundice last week, so I need to cut out the meat, the fat, and some sugar. I only have eggs, honey and occasionally seafood when I'm eating like this. I will still eat well though. There are lots of other things to eat. I hear from people all the time who don't think that there's anything to eat without dairy or convenience food. They are amazed at not just what I eat, but what my family will eat. The vegan lasagna has tofu, spinach, carrots, and mushrooms in it. Actually, I'll probably put more veggies in it this time. It's such a great dish! I'll have to post my modified recipe for it one day. I got it from a friend on Marilu's website. I have to tweak it so I can make it around my allergies, but it's still really good. I made it for Michael's birthday party last year, and one person couldn't believe there was no cheese or meat in it. lol

Well, I'm so excited to get to the Bible Study today with you all! So, let me get moving with that, and put that post up. I hope it blesses you.

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