Monday, February 23, 2009

The coming week

This week, we're starting our spring cleaning and purge. I'm also starting a grand reorganization for the home, our schedules, and our goals. Things have been so out of control that it is starting to wear on all of us. There is no small part of our lives that God doesn't want to help us with. The Bible says

Proverbs 16:3 (New International Version)
3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do,
and your plans will succeed.

The word whatever is the key here. Not, what you think He's interested in, what you think is a BIG plan, not if it's only ministry or God related. Whatever! That means the plans for dinner, the plans for your child's chores. The plans to cut your hair even! WHATEVER! So, here goes our plans for this week. Keep in mind that if God tells us that we need to switch up our plans, then we will do so, without any doubt.

Our goals for this week:

Living room cleaned and organized, especially the bookshelves
Dining room reorganized, including computer desk and everything on it (once my bedroom is put back together)
Kitchen cleaned up, and maybe reorganized. Depends on a few other projects ongoing in there
My bedroom emptied out and carpets cleaned then everything out
Bathroom reorganized and cleaned
Katelyn's room completely cleaned
House hospitality ready by Wednesday night

New daily schedule in place for me
New chore chart in place for Katelyn and Michael
Start garden plans as a family
Make goals for the rest of the year with John
Start planning a tea for as yet undecided guests (part of our larger goal of practicing more hospitality)
Learn how to use convection oven to buy us some time to find the right oven to replace ours that died a horrible violent death (yes, my friends and family are cracking up at this. It's not the first - or last - mechanical thing I've killed. Recently.)

Work on Michael's room and organize what's left of downstairs. Will have to do production down there for a while.

Business goals for this week:

Revamp business plan
Redo cost analysis for our new business goals
Finish putting pictures up on website for everything
Send out email announcing launch of website
Post giveaway on blog
Make production schedule for this week and next week
Find at least one show for March that isn't canceled to get into.
Start getting together marketing and networking opportunities.

That's it for short term goals. We're going to look at long term goals probably next week. Oh wait! What's going on this week with the blog!

Monday - goals for the week, menu
Tuesday - Chapter 3 of The Vision of His Glory - Part one
Wednesday - The Great News Fast
Thursday - check in for goal list
Friday - Chapter 3 of The Vision of His Glory - Part two
Saturday - Giveaway announced

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