Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank you, and keep them coming

Thank you for the prayers. We're still under attack, and facing some stuff, but we'll get through this. God's Hand is on us, and I just trust in Him. I feel like we know what we're supposed to be doing, and we're on the right track. I just have to hold tight to the Comforter. Please keep praying. Please also pray for my attitude. I'm entering what John calls my "angry phase" where I get fed up with everything and everyone. I don't want to get angry at anything but this mess we're dealing with. I'm fed up with the shots being taken at us. Ok, and to be honest, I'm impatient for everything to be done and back to normal. lol Patience and calm. Not two of my strong points. hehehe

Well, I have to run to the kiddos' school. Michael's class is having a party, and I made my giant chocolate chip cookies for them. I'm just waiting for my eye drops to kick in so I can put in my contacts. I have some major allergy eyes today. If they get bad like before, people will think John's been knocking me around. That's what they thought before. Bah hahahaha! I had on sunglasses because lights were hurting my eyes, and I had huge puffy bags that were black and blue and my eyes were completely red. I really did look like I had gone a few rounds with someone other than unseen particles of annoyance.

This weekend, I have nothing planned but to catch up on some projects, including this blog. I have pictures of some great meals (including one I can't remember how I made it - I'm a little fuzzy around the edges) and a very valuable lesson. Ok. Buh bye!

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