Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prayers Again Please

The first prayer request is for an unnamed family member who has had surgery. Please pray that this person not only heals well, but that they come into the Kingdom.

The second prayer request is for a schoolmate of my children. As you know, they go to small country Christian school about 10-15 minutes away. The young man was driving to the school when something happened (we don't know what yet) and he lost control and spun into a tree. He's in the ICU with a lacerated liver, bruised kidney and lungs, possibly a bruised heart, broken ribs, broken wrist, and other injuries. The Hand of God was on this young man. He is going to be fine, just have a long recovery. I saw the accident and stopped to see if they needed help right before the paramedics came. I didn't see who it was, so I came home and told my husband about the awful accident down the road. Imagine my horror to find out that it was this young man. Praise God because from the look of the vehicle it could have been much much worse!

Thank you for your prayers. We know we serve a Mighty God! He is good and faithful.

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