Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How do I learn how to can?

Does anyone know where to find canning classes? I want to learn how to do both hot water bath canning and pressure canning. It's a practical thing to learn, not to mention required for my allergies now. It is really hard to buy foods when you are allergic to most food preservatives and meat tenderizers. We've lost way too much food in freezers when we've had power outages in the warmer months, so I try not to have too much in there during the summer. Last year's quest for dry ice really brought home the need to have another way than the freezer to store foods. Most people that I know who can only do the hot water bath canning, but I want/need to learn both.

I'm also going to take sewing classes. I remember learning in Home Ec, but don't remember how to use a sewing machine or even half of my embroidery stitches. Don't get me started on the last time I did cross-stitching! Do they even teach Home Ec anymore? My daughter needs to learn how to do all that stuff too. I know she doesn't really know a lot of that stuff.

Well, I have to run and do a couple errands. I hope to locate the camera and take pictures of dinner and even one of me tonight or tomorrow.


  1. Have you tried contacting your local exstension office ?

  2. I dont know if you homeschool or the ages of your kids but home schoolgroups offer all the home ec to kids.

    I know how to can but I guess Im really too far away to teach you. Its very easy to learn but it is a LOT of work! You will work harder in one canning season than at any other household duty. I kid you not. If I were you Id just buy a book on it. Kerr puts out a good one. They are the company that sells jars and lids.

  3. Thanks for the ideas. Turns out that a friend's mother is a canner, and hopefully she will teach me. We don't homeschool (although I've thought about it, but we can't - long story) so that's not an option. If my friend's mom can't teach me, I'm sure there's someone at 4H who knows how. Michael is joining that this spring, and is so excited!