Sunday, March 29, 2009

The start of a new week

I admit it. I'm a geek. I love the beginning of new weeks, new months, new years, new school years. I just love new beginnings. This week is the start of several new things. I'm starting a new, improved daily schedule for me. The kids are working on their chore charts, and doing mighty well with them I might add. I'm starting a new phase in my business - we're transitioning from craft show based to Internet and wholesale based. And, John and I are working on a new project. I can't share that one yet. We're also looking for a new church. The kids really want us to go to one of the churches that their classmates go to - Colonial Woods or another one along those lines. Some of the parents have invited me to visit too. We'll see what happens. I really really really miss the AG church. I know that the one I attended was different than most AG churches, but I loved the activities, fellowship and all my friends. Now, we're all scattered around and the kids haven't really connected with the church we were attending. There just aren't kids' activities there for them.

So, my schedule is going to look something like this. It's a work in progress, and is going to be changing as I get into it more.

6am - up, Bible reading, shower and dress
6:45 - make sure both kids are up
7:15 - breakfast
7:35 - leave for school
8-9 - stuff that needs doing around the house
9-2:30pm - work
2:30-3:30 - pick up kids
3:30-5 - kids do homework and chores, I finish up work
5-6:30 - make dinner and clean up around the house
6:30-9 - dinner and family time - Michael shower at 8:30 - once the garden is in, we'll be using this time to maintain it as a family.
9-10 - Michael in bed, Katelyn get ready for bed, bed at 10 for Katelyn and me

Fridays are totally different. I don't work, and I do my errands and grocery shopping. My Saturdays, when not at shows, are going to be work 9-5 also, but more flexible. Sundays will be the Sabbath. Church and family time.

Now, I know there are some glaring holes in this. When do I blog? That is actually part of my work. I see it as ministry and work related. When do John and I get some alone time? Well, we have no kids on the weekends during the school year, so we get lots of time then. This will be especially true as I move the business away from craft shows and more into the wholesale part. Plus, Katelyn has soccer that we're working into the schedule. The thing is, the schedule for that is so crazy that it is pointless to put it in the schedule. We just have to work it out as it comes.

My schedule has been so crazy lately that something had to give. John and I talked, and my schedule is what has to change. I couldn't get more flexible without breaking something. I've been forgetting stuff and missing appointments - totally not me. My planner is back out and in full effect now. I also have to start treating the business as a business, not like something I get to when everything else is done. Things are never completely done! lol

Well, I have to get moving now. This is the last Sunday where I'll be doing stuff instead of keeping the Sabbath. I have to use this time to prepare for this week coming up. Plus, I have to make sure I can schedule in everything to be ready for next Sunday. I want minimal cooking and cleaning for Sunday. It's time to reorganize my priorities.

Coming up this week on the blog:
Monday - Bible Study
Tuesday - How the schedule is working so far
Wednesday - A look at my meals/cooking with allergies. Plus, announce the prize winners!
Thursday - Revisit the $3000 challenge (we have $500 of it sold.)
Friday - Menu Planning
Saturday - Organization update
Sunday - Nothing planned - just whatever God puts on my heart, if anything

That's the plan! Let's see how it all works out this week.

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