Monday, March 16, 2009

Menu Mondays

Here we go. This week's inspired menu. NOT! I admit it. I have cabin fever and no working oven. lol We're still stove shopping. We haven't found any deals that are just sooooo good we have to jump on them. Thankfully, I still have the microwave with the convection oven feature, but that's just not the same. lol The whole family will be happy to have me back to full time baking, instead of the iffy experiments I've been doing lately. I just won't compromise on what type of stove we get for our dollar. We went to 6 stores this weekend without buying anything. Plus we're looking at Craig's List. The problem is that we can only have an electric stove, but not a flat top. You can't use cast iron or do canning with a flat top. We have a flat top now, and let's just say that it half works half the time. lol And on to the menu.

Monday - Leftover Pot Pie from yesterday. I ended up making a biscuit crust that went over well. Too well. I'll have to make more biscuits today so everyone has crust for their pot pie. lol

Tuesday - Spaghetti with homemade sauce. Remember, I can't have onions or garlic, so I'll be making my own version. One day, I'll remember to write down how I make it.

Wednesday - leftovers then over to the in-laws for dessert for my brother-in-law's birthday

Thursday - Nachos or some Mexican food

Friday - Dinner Salad

Saturday - Fried Rice

Sunday - Chicken and Dumplings

I might change this up, if we can get the propane filled for the grill. I want some grilled veggies and wrap them all in a pita, and maybe even some turkey brats (yeah, right. I can't eat those until my gallbladder is all better). I am ready for warm weather! lol During the summer, we grill just about every day. Rain or shine.

I also have to make up more of my spice mixtures. With all my allergies (I should list them sometime), I have to make them myself. For example, chili powder has other spices in it. But, powdered chilies have only chilies in it. Go figure. Plus, this week we'll be starting our seeds for our garden. Spring is in the air!

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