Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Really? Plague and Pestilance - again!

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. lol After John's food poisoning (yes, it was food poisoning), Katelyn had what my former co-workers used to call the Michigan crud. She stayed home from school for two days with severe chest congestion and fatigue and stuff like that. We made it through that to find out it was going to rain all weekend, and I soooooo didn't want a fourth flood! John and his father rented a pump and dropped our pond down about six feet, and that kept the water out for now. We're going to completely drain the pond once it warms up enough to melt the rest of the ice on it. Thank you Lord for keeping us from flooding. The whole family is weary of the mess the last three have left, and the work still left to be done. Next, it was my turn to fight off the crud. Which, I did with lots of prayer and rest. Instead of my trying to still do everything, I listened to my body (and my husband) and slept and took medicine to knock it out. I didn't get nearly as ill as Katelyn. Praise God everyone is healthy and back to our routines.

Speaking of routines, Katelyn and Michael are NOT liking the whole chore routine. Attitudes abound, but will get better. The mornings are our biggest challenges. I have to think that the disorder in our home plays a large part of that. I'm also back to my insomnia routine, so I'm kind of out of it in the mornings and playing catch up the rest of the day. So, to fix that, I'm doing several things.

1. Quitting caffeine. I tried cold turkey once, and while it was successful, I was sick for a week while my body detoxed. So, I'm weaning myself off during the rest of this month. I'll be replacing my coffee with tea and local honey, which I need for my allergies anyway.

2. Posting the chore charts on the refrigerator in the kitchen. That way, it's in writing, and there's no doubt about what's to be done when.

3. I need to make a better daily schedule for myself. This includes limiting some time wasters, and increasing time spent on other things.

4. Get the areas that we do have available to be used better organized. Spring cleaning and getting rid of a bunch of stuff will help with this.

5. Cutting down on the last minute stuff that seems to creep into our days and throw everything off. So, the calendar is on the wall. If you have an activity, it needs to be put there so we know what's going on. I'd love to have illnesses planned out ahead of time, but eh. That won't happen. lol Seriously, no more illnesses are needed in this house.

6. Speaking of illnesses, we need to battle illness with prayer and staying healthy. I know, sounds simplistic, but taking vitamins, eating healthy and getting into shape will really help us stay healthy. And we don't do these things consistently.

I have more posts to do today as I get the time. Talk to you all later!

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