Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My daily schedule and advice needed from you all!

So, here's how it's going. It's not. lol I've been staying up too long at night and waking up late these past two morning. Last night, I took a sleeping pill (I'm still having insomnia issues) and just couldn't shake it off this morning. I still have some issues about scheduling though. Maybe I can get some help from my readers out in blogland.

John and I have been talking about how to get our family consistently on fire for God. Too often, we start out with a bang, and end with a fizzle. Our love for God doesn't go away. Just our desire to be in the deeper things of God. I'm really worried that I'm not teaching my children to be the Christians they should be. I'm really worried that I'm not being the type of Christian that I should be.

I'm being absolutely painfully honest here. We don't do family Bible times. Shoot, only one of the four of us is a morning person, and the rest of us have to really restrain ourselves from hurting him. lol By the time we are back together again at night, we eat dinner, park in front of the TV and then crawl into bed at our appointed times. Or, in my case, after I've found out whodunit. We are looking for a new church, and haven't made going to visit any the priority it should be. I think part of that is Michael and I used to be very involved in our church. You could find us there most days doing something, or hanging out with someone from there.

When John and I got married, we agreed that blending our family took priority over outside activities. I scaled back (ok, quit) my activities and Mikey's. Then, we moved and switched churches. The church didn't have any activities for anyone other than Wednesdays and Sundays. Not for the kids, not for the adults. I mean, my old church even had an active men's ministry. How hard is that in this day and age! They had a Christian biker's group, hunting and outdoorsmen group, a father and son group... the list goes on and on. I think that's why that church was so successful. Our new church didn't have any of that and I struggled to really fit in. Well, they've had a shake-up. The pastor that drew us there isn't there anymore. The few friends I made aren't there anymore. And there is even less going on than before. So, we're going to a new church.

I firmly believe that you must have an active group of programs for people to join. That helps people connect. Once they are connected to the Body of Christ, they feel more emboldened to share Christ with others. After all, aren't we supposed to make non-Christians CRAVE what we have? I don't know about you, but I'd rather join a group with a lot going on and something to offer everyone in my family than a place where you just go to fill a seat. I'm not the type to just fill a seat.

Now, I don't think that our inactivity as a family is because of the church. It's us. We've blended pretty well, but in doing so, we took the focus off God and put it on the family. I have definitely heard from God about this. I'm starting two groups, getting involved with another group that I used to work with, and I'm joining a fourth group. I know I will be busy, but I have to do what God tells me to do. Plus, I used to do this as a single mom. I headed two large non-profits, was involved in two others, worked more than full time and was active in church. All while raising my son, who is a great kid.

I will not do any of this if it means not drawing closer to God as a family. So, how do we do that? Is the family Bible time too late to start with a 15 year old and an almost 11 year old? Can they not learn that from us now? Is it never too late to start? What is better, morning or night? We have pros and cons for both. Should we just start reading in Genesis and go on from there, or because we're new to this, should we get a family Bible study with a book and structure until we're ready to go it alone? I'm open to all suggestions. I'll share them with John, and let you all know what we decide and how it works. I know that there is no "one-fits-all" solution. I'm just looking for options at this point.


  1. Choose the time that the family is most often together. If its at breakfast then do it around the table. If dinner is your time do it then. I have found if worship is at the table it happens more often. Your kids are of the age where they need to have their own quiet time with God too. It only has to be a five minute thing until they get into it but it has to happen if they are going to have their own walk with God. Teens often do this best at night since they are such night owls.

    A lot of families read a Proverb a day around the breakfast table. There are 31 chapters so its perfect to read one a day. They then start over the next month. I know a woman who can quote large protions of the book of Proverbs just because it was read to her over and over as a child at the breakfast table.And really if our kids and if we ourselves lived by all the wisdom in Proverbs we would never make a wrong decision.

    I wouldnt start at Genesis. If you dont like the Proverbs idea then I would start in Matthew the New Testament to make it a little mroe interesting for the teens.

    A subject type study at this age with kids who arent used to it might mean too much revealing on their part and they might feel uncomfortable. I think I would stick to Bible reading and prayer; short and sweet. You dont want the kids to dread it. They can then get into more devotional type readings in their own Bible study. I really feel strongly that the huge focus should be on their own walk with God with just a short Bible reading and prayer at breakfast time. Whatever you do dont turn the family Bibel reading into a preaching time. You'll lose your kids so fast it wont be funny. Ive seen it happen.

    Hope this helps.

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