Monday, March 16, 2009

Praise in the midst

Have you ever had a stretch of time in your life that just challenged you and your faith? I mean, where it seems like the tests come one after another, with barely time to breathe in between. I know that God doesn't make these things happen, but He does allow them for a reason. Right now, our lives are in such a season. This last test, which will be unnamed, has rocked me to the core. I worried, and stressed out, and all the things we're not supposed to do as children of God. Finally, God asked which I thought was bigger, Him or the problems? What works better, letting Him handle everything or worry everything in circles? The choice, while hard to put into practice, is clear. God is in control and I have to let Him work it out.

Now, don't get me wrong. I still feel worry coming up in me. Sometimes, even bordering on panic. But God! is there and is faithful. I crave Him! I need Him! He is the fountain of all my strength.

So, while I have planned and plotted out how everything should be, God is busy turning things upside down to show me where my trust should be. I praise Him, no matter what. I serve Him, no matter what. I build my life around Him, no matter what.

Today's to do list is being revised to what God has planned for me to do, not what I had for me to do. I must run. Tomorrow, God willing, I'll get back to my Bible Study. If not, I won't worry.


  1. I just came by from the blog party. You have a nice blog. I especially love this post. I just did a kind of similar post today. It is difficult to do, but it's so much better to feel the peace of our God than to try to do things on our own and be frantic.